» » Your favorite autumn drinks are back!

Your favorite autumn drinks are back!

The favorites from last year are available again. We are specifically talking about turmeric-milk and pumpkin spice latte.

The benefits of turmeric-milk are endless, this drink is invaluable during the flu season. Why you ask? Turmeric-milk has been used for a long time to decrease the risks of catching a cold, reduce coughing, and it strengthens the immune system. Turmeric has antibacterial properties which will protect and hug you on those cold autumn nights. In addition, it will help prevent from headaches. Drinking it regularly has many long term benefits as well, for example, helping you fall asleep easier and keeping your skin clear. This magic drink contains ginger which will soothe your sore throat and at the same time warm you up. Is it not a magic drink?

Our pumpkin spice latte is also a special one. Pumpkin is good for your immune system, because of its high levels of vitamin C and beta carotene. Beta carotene which when ingested is converted into vitamin A which has many benefits. There is also cinnamon used in this latte which is high in antioxidants that have properties that will protect you from harmful bacteria. Nutmeg is another ingredient in our pumpkin spice latte, nutmeg was historically very high priced and was considered to be luxurious. It is known for boosting brain’s activity and acts as a pain reliever. It helps prevent against insomnia as well. We are making this drink with a shot of espresso, which will give the drink a delicious taste and give you the extra energy you need this season!

Both of the drinks are made from scratch and with love in our own kitchen!

You do not need to stress about how to make these drinks, because you can get them from our café, sit in or grab them on the go!